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Lisa Harris McLean otherwise known as TEEN COACH DIVA is EMPOWERMENT coach for

WOMEN & GIRLS, author, speaker and most importantly an advocate for women & girls


My passion to empower girls inspired me to create a business that offers life coaching services,

events & travel opportunities for girls & women. My D.I.V.A. Day Out events, retreats & coaching

services are all part of my strong belief that every women & girl possesses a unique talent and

purpose which can be discovered through guidance and exposure to real life

experiences, mentoring and support.

Working with teen & tween girls in several programs throughout the years including:

YMCA, Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, Texas Communities in Schools, creating a local Youth &

Teen Dance for kids/teens and other projects in my own community has lead me to a achieve a

higher goal ....


What is a D.I.V.A. you ask??

A D.I.V.A. is a women or girl who can:

D-reams BIG

I-nspires others

V-alues herself

A-chieves her goals

Connecting and communicating with teen & tween girls is something that comes naturally to me. I recognize the good in every 

young lady I meet.

Girls today are the WOMEN of tomorrow.. these are the future leaders, teachers, mothers, and overall feminine energy source that will take us into the next millennium.

I feel a strong sense of responsibility to pass on what I have learned on to others in order to make their journey through life a more positive, authentic experience. My work has given me the opportunity to touch the lives of many girls with the intention of causing a ripple effect which will continue to reach others in the same positive way.

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